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Modelling with Fruilmodel Tracks Part 2 (Color)

December 08, 2010 Guides Tony Lee
Now that our tracks are assembled and have been test fitted to the model you're ready to put some color on them. You can paint the tracks the same as you would any other tracks if you like but I like to blacken them and use oils for washes. Either way you…
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Tools of the Trade

November 29, 2010 Guides Administrator
Scalpel: A very fine and very sharp knife used for cutting and trimming components. A scalpel can be used to cut items from sprues, trim away excess flash, trim off sprue runner feed points, scrape excess dried glue from a join or to open up holes. The blades…


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Diorama Accessory Review – Reality In Scale Carpets On Real Cloth

May 09, 2011 Reviews Dean
Reality In Scale 35001 – Carpets On Real Cloth Reality in Scale is a niche manufacturer who makes a wide range of diorama accessories including a number of printed items of which this is one. This is a sheet of printed carpets and rugs printed on real cloth…

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