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Modelling with Fruilmodel Tracks Part 2 (Color)

December 08, 2010 Guides Tony Lee
Now that our tracks are assembled and have been test fitted to the model you're ready to put some color on them. You can paint the tracks the same as you would any other tracks if you like but I like to blacken them and use oils for washes. Either way you…
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how i do a worn winter camoflage

July 29, 2011 Painting Guides micky pryal
When you have decided and built the model of your choice give it a finish coat of enamel paint it must be enamel paint otherwise this method will not work, after you have sprayed your top coat you need to get some white acrylic paint a dishwasher…


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Academy Allied And German Tank Supplies Set I

January 24, 2011 Reviews Dean Pattison
Kit Review : Academy Allied And German Tank Supplies Set I Sometimes it seems that you can never find enough stuff to load onto a model to create that “lived in” look. Or just to capture the look of a well laden truck, half-track or tank heading off to the…

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