Airfix 1/76 Composite (Hemaphrodite) MkIV Beute Panzer

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7 years 2 weeks ago #1 by johnsnz

I'm going to Document my build of a MkIV Composite (Hemaphrodite) Captured by the German Army in 1918.
No I know your all probably exprten on WW1 Tanks ( or have Google) so you'll know that true Hemaphrodites were actually fielded by the British with the introduction of the MkV tank as a counter to the large number of MkIV Males captured by the Germans and also the more limited Number of A7's the Germans had available.

However given the Airfix kit is some sort of Homogonised Mark and is neither a MK1 nor A MkIV I'm going to have to do some minor conversion work.. I thought I'd knock up a Beute Panzer with both female and Male sponsons perhaps we can 'imagine' its a captured tank with a mixture of working sponsons added...

So here is the kit.. I'm not sure why anyone buys the Airfix Male kit as the Female kit comes with both Male and Female sponsons.. Anyhow.

Here is the box and sprues...

And after a quick session with the kit here is where we got to....

As it was raining I cracked on with the paint looking to make up a scheme that was sort of German looking. Sorry to say dear readers that I made no attempt to colour match the paint to artefact paint chips held in any museum. But I did make a nice German purple colour from Tamiya mid blue and some Gunze red Madder.. Along with A bit of Gunze Dark Grey and some red brown and green with a bit of a freehand demarcation line... We ended up here....

The decals are from the spares box and bear no relationship to any known WW1 German tank unit but look nice I think...

After this session it was still raining so I sort of I'd a bit of weathering.... I'm not a big user of 'weathering solutions in a bottle' so I cracked out the oil paints ( Warehouse $9.99 a set) and mixed a couple of washes a thick one of burnt umber and black and a thin one of just burnt umber with which I gave the model a filter wash after which I mixed up a batch of ochre pastel mix with turps and burnt umber oil paint and added a bit of mild weathering effects to the panzer which I modulated back once dry with a stiff brush....

A quick check outside and yep it was still raining so I thought I'd knock up a quick scenic base but again I'm short of scenic scatter products so a slack handful of dirt and some PVA cocktail sticks and a bit of SS wire stripped from some mesh and I created a base..

There you go...



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7 years 2 weeks ago #2 by Glenn
Very cool and looks the part mounted on your base,top job :cheer:

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