RAF Beach Units

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7 years 4 months ago #1 by Wally
RAF Beach Units was created by Wally
Not really a topic but not "Off topic" either. Most applicable to this D-Day GB I guess?
In my trawling for interesting possible subjects for D-Day GB I discovered this website -
Some great information and personal stories about a little known branch of the services and services co-operation involved in D-Day and other landings.
Some of these guys went ashore very early on D-Day. I also had no idea the beaches went on being bombarded, strafed and bombed for so long.
I have in mind a diorama with RAF Jeep, figures and possibly motorcycle if I can get it together in time.
If it inspires anyone else ... go for it.
Alcock's comment about the Canadians "who are fearless" puts me in mind of a figure or figures diorama too.
So much attention has been paid to Omaha over the years that combatants at beaches like Sword & Juno don't get the mention they deserve in my humble opinion.

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My preference - WW2 RNZAF & Pacific Theatre, Allied & Axis, ETO, Mediterranean, AFV & figures
I enjoy doing research
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