I sprayed a coat of Model Master acrylic "Wood" as a base coat on the stowage box and let that dry overnight


For the next step this morning I brushed on a coat of "Raw Umber" oil right out of the tube and let the oil pigments soak into the wood base coat

for about 35 or 40 minutes. 

Posted Image


Now we wipe the oil off with a Q-tip leaving a thin film of oil so you can take a stiff brush and create some grain effect. 

Posted Image


I'll put this under the photo lamp for the rest of the day to start the drying process.


Before the gray acrylic cures hard i'll wet it down with water and with a stiff brush scrub off some of the gray paint and the idea being the box will

look worn and weathered. The water will soften the paint and dissolve the hair spray allowing the paint to lift off.

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