As promised,a "How I Do It" for making workable PE hinges.


Here's your typical pair of PE hinge plates.



The first thing I do is curl up the tabs or fingers with a dental pick. You could use what ever you've got to do this if you like.




Lace the two halves together.




 Now we need to hold the components together. I tape down the hinges halves then lay the hinge wire in the trough formed by the tabs and tape it down too.




Now we're ready to start making ourself a hinge. I bend the first two tabs on the ends and the two in the center first and that will hold the wire centered while we bend the other firgers around the wire.




All the tabs are now bent over and around the wire.




To finish up the process of forming the hinge I place a steel straight edge on the back side and use a small flat blade screw driver to tuck the tabs in around the wire tighter. Be sure to do it on both sides.




Remove the tape,pull the wire out till it's flush on one end and snip off the excess on the other end.




Hey, we've got us a workable hinge to be proud of.


I hope this little tutorial makes life easier for you in the future.

This has been my pleasure to do.

Tony Lee