Since I use Friulmodel tracks on so many of my self propelled gun tanks the management ask me if I would write up a little something as to just how I assemble and color these base metal tracks.

For tanks that have the live track system such as Shermans these are not well suited for our purpose since those tanks have very tight tracks and don't sag between the return rollers but many other countries sag so much you would think they would run right off the wheels. Friuls have weight that leads to a natural looking sag we're after on most tanks so lets get started and see where this goes.



The tracks have two packages of links,a pack for each side with plenty of extras so don't worry about not having enough to do the job. Some kits have left and right side links but not always so don't mix them up. Just assemble one side at a time.

The kit comes with a coil of soft steel or brass wire for pinning the links together but I use sequin or dress makers pins I get at sewing shops for the larger tracks and only use the wire for the really small track links.

Sometimes the pin holes in the links may be clogged and you need to run a small drill bit through to clear them out,to save time I go ahead and chase them all out before hand. One side of the link has the molded on detail for the link pins so DON'T drill all the way through.

If you use the wire or the pins same goes for them,don't punch through those detailed ends. After you've inserted the pins just leave the extra sticking out and if you use the wire leave a little sticking out so if you need to pull it back out to adjust or fit the tracks to your model you will have something to get a hold of.

When fitting the tracks to the model I put the tracks on with the pins to the outside then after i'm satisfied with the fit I take them back off and nip off the extra flush with the link leaving one long under the hull for removing the tracks if need be later.

If your drill bit was a little to large and the link pins want to fall out the instructions tell you to place a spot of glue on the end of the wire to hold it in place.

Well that's about it for assembly and in Part 2 we'll put some color on these rascals.

Tony Lee