35078 – British Tank Crew

Miniart has certainly raised the bar when it comes to the quality of 1/35 scale plastic figure kits, and this set of a British/Commonwealth tank crew, which is one of their newest,  provides you with some very nice figures indeed, not to mention filling a long absent niche in 1/35 scale plastic figure sets.

The sculpting is excellent with good folds to the uniforms, very nicely detailed faces and hands, extremely good uniform fittings, including moulded on pistol lanyards, and good poses. The mouldings are very good with minimal cleanup, the fit as on most figures using seperate legs requires a little filler in and cleanup to completely eliminate the joins once assembled but nothing major.

Assembly instructions and a painting guide are provided on the reverse of the box, with assembly of course being very simple ,with only the base figures to put together without any weapons or equipment other than holstered pistols.

All four wear the denim tank suit that was also worn by other armoured vehicle crews, as well as Engineers and Artillery crews so you aren’t limited to using these soley as a tank crew. Three of the figures come with berets, two of which are moulded on. The other two have separate tanker helmets, and one figure also wears the long leather jerkin. The jerkin is very well done but could use a little undercut relief scribed in around the bottom of the skirt. The uniforms and pistol holsters date them to 1944 onwards so these would be suitable in any ETO scene after the landings at Normandy.

All five figures come with a holstered pistol, four of which are the drop-leg style with a long thigh strap and a leg belt, the fifth being the usual Mk I style holster with the flap cover, and just mounts directly to the web belt. The four open style holsters have the ammo loops on the front and a nicely done pistol butt, although it does seem a little thin to me. There are also four small ammo pouches included. One figure also has a compass moulded into one hand and comes with a separate mapboard.

There are two sets of googles provided for use with the helmets and a third pair moulded to the beret of the figure with the moustache. These all have solid plastic lenses so you will need to drill them out and fabricate your own clear lenses if you are so inclined. One of the beret wearing figures also has a headset strap moulded across his beret with separate headphone muffs, while one of the helmeted figures also gets the earpieces but no headstrap. You will of course need to add your own wires for both.

Once again Miniart have shown that the well sculpted faces and uniforms normally associated with resin figures are possible in plastic kits and this set is another very good one. Although titled as a ”British” tank crew these figures can easily be adapted to pretty much any commonwealth armour in the ETO post D-Day, as well as artillery crews, so if you have a Sherman, Firefly, Churchill, Cromwell or similar that needs a crew then these are definitely worth getting.

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