Reality In Scale 35123 – Wallpaper G

Reality in Scale is a niche manufacturer who makes a wide range of diorama accessories including a number of printed items of which this is one. This is a sheet of printed wallpaper, being style G.

These are intended for use with 1/35 and 1/32 scale buildings and dioramas and come printed on an A4 sheet of thin paper. Each of the two sections measures 112mm x 200mm so will cover an average room. The pattern is pretty self explanatory from the photos and the detail is amazingly clear and sharp, the photos really don’t do them justice.

Heightwise if you use the full height this scales out at 3.92 meters ( or around 12′ 9″ ) which of course is way more than needed so I found these work best if you trim along the top of the lower frieze and use the top half as a full wall covering ( fits for anything under a 2.8m/9′ ceiling height ) and use the lower portion for a half wall covering.

These printed wallpapers really are excellent, if you build dioramas, especially ones with buildings in them then these are an invaluable addition that will really give them that little something extra that makes them stand out as these can really make an ordinary room look very good. Very highly recommended.

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