Academy Allied And German Tank Supplies Set I


Sometimes it seems that you can never find enough stuff to load onto a model to create that “lived in” look. Or just to capture the look of a well laden truck, half-track or tank heading off to the fight loaded down with as much gear as they can carry. Which is where sets like this one come in very handy. This is a nice, inexpensive set from Academy that comes on three dark yellow sprues. The moulding on all the parts is nice and clean with sharp detail and minimal cleanup required.

You get pretty much what you see in the photos :

  • three boxes for Tiger I and Panther shells, three boxes for Pz.Kpfw IV shells
  • six 88mm Tiger I shells, six 75mm Panther shells, six 75mm Pz.Kpfw shells
  • one ammo box for US 76mm shells, one ammo box for US 75mm shells
  • two US 75mm HE shells, two US 75mm APC shells, two US 75mm Ammo Tubes
  • two US 76mm HE shells, two US 76mm APC shells
  • two US 76mm Ammo Tubes Type A, two US 76mm Ammo Tubes Type B
  • two US jerry cans, three German jerry cans
  • one fuel drum with a hand crank and tubing for the hose
  • two large oil cans, one small oil can
  • one large back pack, one set of four backpacks
  • one bedroll, one set of backpacks and bedroll
  • one gun cleaning rod
  • tools – axe, sledge hammer, two shovels, crowbar, mattock head and handle
  • one engine crank
  • one Browning M2 .50 cal MG with folded tripod, three .50 cal ammo tins
  • one folded Browning .30 cal tripod, three .30 cal ammo tins

So all up a very handy little set to have around.

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