Hobby Fan 562 - German Pak40 Eastern Front Crew


To listen to those with an opinion it would seem that resin figures are either one of those things that people love and use almost exclusively, or something people mistrust and think are overpriced so stay away from. The voiceless few I suspect fill the middle ground, people such as myself who use them when I like the pose and they’re cheap enough, or when the quality is truely outstanding. I once posed the question “are resin figures really worth it”. The answer is an individual thing.

These three figures are from Hobbyfan who are essentially AFV Club’s sister company who produce resin figures to AFV Club’s injection moulded plastic kits. Pricewise they fall into the upper-middle ground, cheaper than the likes of Warrior and Alpine, dearer than the likes of Legend. Because they occupy the upper price ranges I feel that as well as just looking at what is in the kit that I should also address the question “are they worth it”


What you get is three resin figures depicting what is supposed to be the crew of a small Gemman anti-tank gun ( nominally the 7.5cm PaK 40 ). Although they do fill this role they also fill many other possibilities. In one way this is good as it makes them far more versatile, on the other hand if you really wanted a set that looked to be operating their PaK 40 in action then this isn’t for you.


The mould qaulity is very good, very clean with sharp details and small pour plugs. The arms and heads have small locator pins with corresponding holes to place them in the right position. To be honest while this is a nice touch I do feel that if you’re buying resin figures you should already know where an arm and a head goes.


Figure one is a generic kneeling figure with a pair of binoculars ( they arrived broken from his hand in this example ), a slung MP40, tripple mag pouch, breadbag, canteen and mess tin. He wears the standard M41 Stahlhelm which is rather nice in having the vent holes in the side which are so often missing in plastic kits. He wears a winter parka and over trousers together with gloves and lace-up ankle boots. As the sole of his right foot is upturned I would have expected there to be hobnails but there aren’t any. Nor is there the full undercut of the parka skirts or the open ended cuffs that I expect on good resin figures. The MP40 is very nice though it lacks a hollow muzzle and buttstock so nice as it is it comes second place to a Gen  2 DML one.


Figure two is posed to be operating the gun control handles which is good as it means he does work as gun crew. Like number one he gets a breadbag, mess tin, and canteen. He has moulded on Kar 98K ammo pouches in old Tamiya style, though he gets no rifle to go with them. Again the helmet wins points but the lack of undercuts and hollow cuffs loses them. His face, like number one, is very well defined but all three faces tend to be much the same.


Figure three confuses me a little as he is in a half raised up prone position and I’m actually stumped on what it is exactly that he is supposed to be doing. This would work in many other places but seems odd for a gun crewmember. He gets the same equipmet, helmet and face as number rwo, and like number one his visible boot soles lack hobnails and his clothing lacks decent depth through undercuts. He also has the Kar 98K rifle mag pouches but no rifle to go with them.


Conclusion. While the quality is good these are let down by the lack of some basic detail and small things like the lack of gas mask containers,bayonets, and rifles. If you can pick them up cheaply enough then go for it, but overall these don’t offer any better value than any good injection moulded plastic figure set, and less than a good Gen 2 DML set. Resin’s downside is always that it is harder to work with and a lot harder to remodel so they really need to offer something that is a step above regular plastic kits and these ones really just don’t do that.


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