MiniArt 35525 – Metal Stairs

Those of you who know the full range of sizes made by Evergreen have probably built something like this somewhere along the way. It’s one of those things that up until now if you’ve wanted one you really didn’t have any choice other than to break out the assorted I beams, strips, treadplate pattern sheet, and plastic rods and do it yourself. But now MiniArt has taken it upon themselves to start supplying the market with a range of good quality, affordable kits intended to make diorama building a little bit easier, with this being one of their recent “Building Accessory” sets targetted at urban, and in particular industrial, buildings.

This kit comes in a small open ended box on four small sprues that are two matching pairs. As a lot of these parts are shared with a couple of other kits there are a few leftover bits and you will need to do a little surgery on each stair tread and the top rails, all of which is shown in the instructions which are printed on the rear of the box as simple line diagrams. The modifications are in no way major or difficult to do.


The quality is excellent, no flash, minimal mould seams, and clear sharp detail on areas like the bolts and treadplate. The rails are also very thin and delicate and very well produced. Assembly is very straight forward, so much so you could probably work it out with no instructions at all other than the need to know what to trim and where.


Conclusion. This is a brilliant little kit that may have little appeal to those of you with no desire to build a factory, but should be a must have for those of you who do. Highly recommended.


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