MiniArt 35529 – Metal Telegraph Poles


Over the past year MinArt have begun bringing us a lot of new diorama accessories that previously have either not been available at all or only available as resin kits. These aren’t the biggest, flashest kits, but they are very useful ones when you’re a diorama builder.



This kit is one of those simpler ones coming in a small open ended box containing six small sprues, four of them the same as each other with the other two also being a pair. These make up into the two telegraph poles depicted on the box art. The moulds are nice and clean with sharp detail and minimal clean-up. The instructions are printed on the rear of the box and though no paint guide is given these are pretty much open slather colourwise depending on exactly when, where and how you are using them.


The two poles themselves are well detailed and both are exactly the same, though you can choose what fittings to add to them to vary the look a bit if you want. These stand 185mm tall when assembled and both come with the option of one or two horizontal cross members at the top, the street light and its mount, and a side mounted vertical arm with two isolators on it. You’ll need to add all your own wiring of course but that is a very simple task.


Conclusion. There really isn’t a lot to say about these, they’re cheap, they’re simple to build, they’re good quality and if you’re building any kind of industrial themed diorama, or even some urban settings, then these will be right at home and will add greatly to the overall effect. Highly recommended.


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