Miniart 35530 – Street Accessories


Model builders come in varying degrees when it comes to the completion of their work. From those who build strictly straight from the box to those who build dioramas worthy of supporting minature live people. Somewhere to the right of middle are those of us who like to display out models on a diorama but don’t necessarily want to spend two years building it. Up till recently when you’ve wanted something other than a grass field and needed small accessories for your diorama and you can’t, or don’t want to, make your own you’ve been pretty much limited to the resin manufacturers and the accompanying prices. Which is where kits like this come in.

This kit is a smallish one containing four medium sized grey sprues, but it provides you with a number of of extremely handy small items with which to decorate an urban or city style diorama ( and not just limited to WWII themed builds either ).  It’s also a very cheap kit, costing a lot less than a lot of figure sets.

All four sprues are the same so in total you get two park benches, four street curbside drains, four manholes with seperate covers, four fence sections with a total of four posts, and four free standing posts ( I’m affraid I forget what these are called ) such as those seen to mark off cafe seating areas. The instructions are printed on the reverse of the box as clear line drawings.

The mouldings are sharp and clean with no sign of flash, absolutely minimal mould seams and no noticeable sinkhole marks. The seat frames are very delicate and extremely well done, and the bolt details on the seat planking is excellent. The fence sections look good as they are but I think with a coating of Mr Surfacer to give them a rough wrought iron effect that they would be even better ( they also work as balcony rails ).

These are the sort of parts that are extremely difficult to scratchbuild so you’d normally need to buy resin sets, but this is a terrific set that allows you to add a good deal of interest to a diorama setting with a minimum of time and effort, and considering how cheap these sets are every diorama builder should have a couple sitting in the stash. My only wish was that it contained more of those little posts.


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