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Kit Review – MiniArt Village Diorama With Fountain

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MiniArt 36028 – Village Diorama With Fountain

If you’re like me and like to build dioramas but aren’t that into making your own buildings to put on them then MiniArt is the go-to company. If you don’t know them yet they do an extensive range of full, partial, and destroyed buildings in vacuum formed plastic mouldings as well as a number of diorama bases that accomodate one or two of those buildings. These allow you to quickly and easily place a vehicle and figures into a ready made scene with a minimum of effort.

This particular diorama set is one of their newer offerings and portrays a bombed out corner section of a brick and plaster building together with a small section of iron fence, a paved road, and a small communal type water fountain such as you would find in the centre of a small village. I’m not certain what geographical areas this suits best but it makes me think of a small Italian village.

The kit consists of thirty vacuum formed parts for the building and fountain plus the vacuum formed base ( measuring  21cm x 26cm ). There are also two sprues with forty two parts of injection moulded accessories such as the doors and doorframes, window frames, window shutters, a wall mounted lantern style light frame, streetlamp, and sections of fence. The instructions are printed on a single folded sheet making four pages of simple line diagram drawings which are clear and easy to follow.

The building represents a corner section of a two story building with most of the upper floor destroyed and it stands 17.5cm tall at the highest point once complete. The exterior is finished in a plaster over brick look with the internal walls looking similar but having less missing plaster. There is no internal floor but rather a pile of rubble, so if you want a floor you’ll need to add your own to bring it up level with the top of the stairs.

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New Work In Progress From Masterbox - Patrolling : Vietnam Series

Good news for fans of Vietnam War era modellers, looks like Masterbox is venturing into that area. This set is a new Work In Progress entitles "Patrolling" but I assume by the sub-line "Vietnam Series" that they will be doing more in the same vein.


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New Works In Progress From Miniart – Furniture and Barrels/Farm Accessories

Right about now resin manufacturers like Verlinden must be hating Miniart, because up until now if you wanted these sorts of things resin was the only way you could get them ( unless you fancy yourself as a decent miniature cabinetmaker ). Personally I love them more and more every day and can’t wait till they have enough stuff out to literally fit out an entire house. These two 1/35 scale sets, Kit number 35548 – Furniture Set and Kit number 35550 – Wooden Barrels and Village Utensils contains exactly what you see on the coverart, and should be available in the very near future and should be uber-popular with the diorama builders amongst us.


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Trumpeter Release Line-Up For 2011

This is a list from Bestpricemodel, a European distrbutor for Trumpeter. Keep in mind that often with these long range lists of releases not all of them will make it to shelves this year.

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