Look like Zvezda won't have the T-90 market cornered any more with 2 new T-90 releases from both Meng (already available) and Trumpeter (no confirmed date as yet)

Firstly, the Meng offering...

TS-006 is coming!

After two years of well preparation, MENG 1/35 Russian T-90A Main Battle Tank (kit No. TS-006) will be available soon. We hereby express our sincere thanks to Mr. Alexey Khlopotov (Алексей Хлопотов), our project advisor, for providing us strong support and help during the development of TS-006. Alexey Khlopotov (Алексей Хлопотов) is an experienced research specialist in Russian tanks. He knows the design and development of Soviet/Russian tanks very well and has rich research experience in its structure. He is a genuine expert on T-72 and T-90 with nearly twenty years of study. Besides, he has engaged in book publishing and often publishes articles about Russian tank history in various magazines. He has a blog site named “Gur Khan attacks”.

We have devoted tremendous energy and much time into the kit of TS-006. The kit consists of 1 303 parts on 26 plastic sprues (excluding PE frets, cable and poly caps), 10 PE parts on 3 frets (one of the PE frets carries road wheel paint mask which will offer great convenience to modelers), moreover, in order to make the model more realistic and interesting, we provide a TPE mantlet rain cover and two 1/35 scale crew helmets.

The kit of TS-006 reproduces all the external features and details of T-90A. The size is correct and accurate. The V-92S2 engine can be perfectly represented with open engine deck. Precise movable suspension system perfectly models the real thing, Cement-free workable double-pin tracks have optional rubber pads, With regard to painting options, the kit provides decals for Victory Day Parade (2008-2012) in Russia and some universal unit numbers and markings which can satisfy most modelers’ needs.

With regards to special decals (Volgograd and Rostov-on-Don Parade), you can get the free decal sheets when you have the following magazines: Armour Modelling, Hobbyworld, Model Military International and Super Model. These two special options are totally different from Moscow Victory Day Parade options. Besides, the special decal sheets include two sets of special unit markings.

In order to provide modelers with reference and detail material that they can refer to during building this kit, we have compiled the book T-90/T-90A Photo Album which consists of series of photographs and text. Modelers can have a clear understanding about the operation environment of this tank while they verify the details according to the photographs during building. The T-90/T-90A Photo Album (Simplified Chinese Edition) will be published by China Machine Press in June 2013 and the Japanese Edition will be published by HOBBYJAPAN in June 2013. Intense preparation for other language editions is in progress.

It will be enjoyable experience of building this kit!

Key points:

Produced in conjunction with Alexey Khlopotov, a well known expert on Modern Russian MBT's.

Fully moveable, cement free individual track links.

Workable suspension.

Fully detailed engine.

 Will either come with a cast turret or will be released later on with it.

3 PE frets (one with wheel masks)


This is sure to be a winner for Meng, as they are considered to be the Chinese equivalent of Tamiya in terms of kit detail and engineering and their previous armour kits have generally been very good.


Price from Hobbyeasy is $91 NZD with Speedpost delivery (within a week normally) or $80NZD with Normal Air Freight (a couple of weeks).



Trumpeter have also jumped on the bandwagon with this T-90 offering...

No release date as yet, but knowing Trumpeter, it could be a couple of years or a couple of months away. Knowing their other armour kits, I'm picking some detail will be simplified, missing or purely made up detail (doesn't stop me buying them though when more often than not, they are the only available kit). But we shall wait and see. It will no doubt be cheaper than the Meng, but by how much or whether it is worth the savings will remain to be seen.

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