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New T-90's from Meng and Trumpeter

Look like Zvezda won't have the T-90 market cornered any more with 2 new T-90 releases from both Meng (already available) and Trumpeter (no confirmed date as yet)

Firstly, the Meng offering...

TS-006 is coming!

After two years of well preparation, MENG 1/35 Russian T-90A Main Battle Tank (kit No. TS-006) will be available soon. We hereby express our sincere thanks to Mr. Alexey Khlopotov (Алексей Хлопотов), our project advisor, for providing us strong support and help during the development of TS-006. Alexey Khlopotov (Алексей Хлопотов) is an experienced research specialist in Russian tanks. He knows the design and development of Soviet/Russian tanks very well and has rich research experience in its structure. He is a genuine expert on T-72 and T-90 with nearly twenty years of study. Besides, he has engaged in book publishing and often publishes articles about Russian tank history in various magazines. He has a blog site named “Gur Khan attacks”.

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