Takom are releasing both the M3 Lee and the Grant.  These two kits will be a welcome release for armour modellers not least the two kits appear to have corrected some of the long standing faults that have existed with previous releases of these two tanks, namely the height of the running gear, some both Tamiya and academy got wrong, a wrongly shaped turret in the Academy Lee and that strangely missing rivet on the hull front right!


The Lee also appears to offer a Soviet lend lease vehicle a vehicle that must have made the Soviets cringe and question their role as allies when stood beside the T 34!

The Grant has the typical British turret that was designed to accomodate the tank radio that the British mounted in the rear of the tank's turret while the US had theirs in the hull.

Going by the CAD pictures the two releases are well up to the  standard of other Takom releases (both modern and WW2) and finally give armour modellers an accurate M3 family.

Look for cheap Academy and Tamiya kits of the same vehicles when these hit the shelf question is my Academy Lee has a Panzer Art turret, RB barrels and that missing rivet, still "Kentucky" will get its decals and plenty of stowage!   

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olive drab's Avatar
olive drab replied the topic: #1 4 years 5 months ago
Im certainly going for the Grant. Great camo and stowage options!
Gary's Avatar
Gary replied the topic: #2 4 years 5 months ago
All I've got to do now is offload the old Academy M3 I recently got for somewhere close to what these cost and I'll be sorted :P
The Grant will be on my list for sure.