This kit from Ammo of Mig offers something a little different compared to the other recent Tiger 2 releaes to give the tank its correct title.

The kit is the Takom Henschel release in two possible options, one the final March 1945 production version which saw action in the last weeks of the war most notiably against US forces and a second planned July version with IR equipment and a new gun. Interestinly this version was more than a paper panzer as production plans existed and was perhaps only held up with the problem of how to mount the new gun in the Henschel turret, the IR units did certainly exist although interestingly the kit does not include the IR stowage box found on the rear right of the hull as seen on a number of Panthers on the eastern from the last weeks of the war.

There is no interior detail but comes with PE for the different engine grills, to be correct the internal set would need to have the both the final interior and the one for the July version most notiably the different gun mount in the turret.

8 different camo schemes are included including the Octopus style.

As a limited edition release and of all the Tiger 2s on release this one offers something just a little different compared to the run of others either Takom or Meng's or Eduard reboxing of the Academy March 45 kit.

Expect a review soon.....


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