Nostalgia Build: Be a Man n’ Build a Crappy Kit

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8 years 3 months ago - 8 years 3 months ago #31 by Whiterook
OK, here it is, Carro Armato Italian Tank,1/35 scale, Italaerei

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8 years 3 months ago - 8 years 3 months ago #32 by Wally
Okay, I'll play your silly game. In fact I've built two recently.
1) Otaki Spitfire Mk VIII finished as RAAF, UP-F, [can't remember the serial # or squadron], early 1945. The a/c was repainted in RAAF Foliage Green and Lightened Foliage Green over RAAF Sky and had Jumbo artwork saying "Hav-a-go-Joe" (or similar). Old Ventura RAAF Spitfire decals were $4.50 buy now on trademe. The photographs are not very good. All the dimensions of the kit are apparently accurate and the cockpit moderately detailed but with no open canopy option I used decal seatbelts (I think? Are they permitted?) or painted them on. There's no cannon fairing option either, the thin ones are moulded in. Self-mixed Tamiya colours which are probably not very accurate. (I've since discovered and purchased Floquil RAAF Green [Foliage Green] for future projects. Floquil make RAAF Green, Dk Earth & Sky). For an old kitset Otaki have surprisingly fine panel lines which were really hard to pick out. I'm quite pleased with the result, the first of my RAAF summer projects this year.
2) Otaki F4U-1A Corsair finished as NZ5218, one of RNZAF's first batch of Corsairs at Guadalcanal about March 1944 [from memory]. This kit is likewise surprisingly accurate and detailed for it's age. The undercarriage is pretty excellent. I added decal or painted seatbelts and some scratch built sidewall radio equipment but there's only a closed canopy option so not much point. I also painted the cockpit floor black since according to Tamiya there wasn't one. This build was my recent trial for my new Color of Eagles USN acrylic paint colours, US Sea Blue, Intermediate Blue (+ RLM 21 White because NOBODY makes an Insignia White) in preparation for PV-1 Ventura (Why aren't people RAVING about it on here!? I am going to very shortly.) The white was nearly a disaster, requiring 7 coats - I have subsequently returned [a shade reluctantly] to self-mixed Tamiya Insignia White - but the CoE Sea Blue and Intermediate Blue (easily fade-able by transfer to Tamiya bottles and mixing) are EXCELLENT. Like AeroMaster they give a really nice smooth thin coating which you can paint over with little or no 'relief' developing. The major drawback on this kitset is the engine which is a one piece disaster with 2 very strange bulges on it. I added a scratch built oil cooler. The big drop tank is also unusable as the rim runs around the wrong edge completely. The painting experiment worked a treat though and I'm quite happy to have the model in my collection.
This "Be a Man & Build a Crappy Kit" is a great idea. Thanks for suggesting it.

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7 years 11 months ago #33 by Whiterook
Love the of my top three favorite WWII fighters!!! :)

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7 years 11 months ago - 7 years 10 months ago #34 by alias
Hey folks,

finished this today, the Airfix Henschel Hs 126.

Have to say that while it rates as a crappy kit compared to the standards of today , it was a pleasant build with not too much to rectify to make it an acceptable replica.

The heavy panel lines and rivet detail were removed and new lines scribed, ugly seam around the cowling sanded off, replaced the MG 17's and spinner, scratchbuilt step, aileron hinges, generator, tail struts etc.
ModelMaster paints.

The squadron vac canopy will not fit.

Perfect decals in spite of their age!
This aircraft is in the white distemper scheme in the plans, I did a speculative representation, pre white!

This kit oozes nostalgia for me, a 1977 release that has stood the test of time.
A classic kit of a character machine.

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